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Health blog: Changing restrictions and moving tiers

A message from Julie Webster, Wirral’s Director of Public Health

Dear residents,

This week, the Government announced a move back to the three-tier restriction system when the current national lockdown ends next Wednesday (2 December).

I am pleased to say that Wirral will be placed in Tier 2, after weeks of tight local and national Coronavirus restrictions for our borough.

There is much to be celebrated here. Not only is this fantastic news for our businesses and shop owners ahead of Christmas it also means that up to six people can meet outside in private gardens or public parks. This is something we haven’t been able to do in Wirral for most of the autumn.

 The questions I’ve been receiving most frequently are how did we get out of Tier 3? And, importantly, how do we stay out?

Wirral Coronavirus cases peaked in mid-October when the highest number of recorded cases in one day was 226 (19th October). After three weeks in Tier 3 restrictions followed by a national lockdown, we then saw cases fall by more than a half, from a 7-day average of 138 cases per day on 12th October to 52 cases per day by 22nd November.

Action and support from our communities is how we’ve managed to bring our numbers down – which in turn has taken a massive amount of pressure off our health and care services – particularly our intensive care unit.

How do we stop Coronavirus from spreading through our communities again?

If we follow the rules as they are, and stick to the basics, we should be able to stay out of Tier 3 and continue to see our rate of infection drop.

The basics, as so many of you will know by now, are:

  • Washing your hands
  • Wearing a face covering
  • Keeping your distance

These simple things will limit the spread of the virus from person to person and help keep our most vulnerable safe.

I want to thank you as residents of Wirral for embracing the tough measures we have all faced. Without your cooperation, we would be in a very different situation when the lockdown ends.

Please remember, the virus has not gone away and that the national lockdown restrictions will remain in place until next Wednesday, 2 December. You can read the full guidance here.

Stay safe and thanks for reading.



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