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Keira's story

It is 12 months since the whole of the country entered the very first Lockdown due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It was a situation no-one had ever experienced before – and something we hope we will never see again.  

In this series of real short stories, we hear from ordinary Wirral people about events that affected them this past year. 

This is Keira, who is on Wirral Council’s graduate programme, who volunteered on the COVID-19 helpdesk dealing directly with local people in need:- 

"There was a particular gentleman who called during the first lockdown who I will never forget. 

"This incredible gentleman in his 80s had been asked to shield, but had somehow slipped through the net and wasn’t receiving any food support from the government as he should have done under the shielding programme.  

“He emailed the council, his details were passed on to me and I am so glad they were. This gentleman was really struggling after losing his wife, who was the love of his life. He told me how they met and danced the night away. 

"As a result of her passing he had finally lost everyone. He was devastated but with a listening ear, he came back to life, cracking jokes, explaining how he had been surviving on his wife’s vegetarian food that was still in the freezer (which he hated) and all he really wanted was a good pie dinner!” 

Keira arranged for a food parcel from the Wirral Emergency Food Hub to go out to him that same day – but that was not the end of the friendship the two had established so quickly, which was now clearly providing support to both parties. 

“He was blown away and quite emotional by the response - he called me back to tell me so. I called a week later to check on his welfare and he explained that his wedding anniversary was coming up and got upset. 

"I was worried about him struggling with this and he didn’t want any other support services involved, so I called him back on the day of his anniversary and he read out their old cards. Well, I must have gone through a full pack of tissues! It was just so clear how much they loved each other. 

"It was unbelievably heart-breaking, but heart-warming at the same time, that despite everything and amongst all the chaos and difficulty this pandemic had brought, there was me sat in my kitchen miles away listening to a gentleman I'd never met relay the words his wife had written to him. 

"He was so proud, he wanted the world to know. Ours were the only phone calls he received, he was so grateful."

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To access suport from Wirral's Coronavirus helpline, dial 0151 666 5050. Operating hours Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.