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EveryDayCounts: Wirral children’s services launch new attendance campaign

Today Wirral’s children’s services launch their new attendance campaign. The #EveryDayCounts campaign seeks to improve school attendance in Wirral to get better outcomes for children and young people.

In addition to specialised campaign resources being rolled out across the borough, the campaign will accompany the introduction of the Wirral Attendance Service, a dedicated team of 13 attendance officers, working with local schools and partner agencies to support students.

#EveryDayCounts encourages families to speak out and access advice and support for any attendance issues, rather than struggle in isolation.

With broader curriculums, more subjects and increased teaching methods in schools, missing even one day of education could affect a young person’s future.

Cllr Tom Usher, cabinet member for children, families and education, said: “With this campaign we wanted to raise awareness and really emphasise how missing the odd day adds up and can impact a young person’s chances.

“There is compelling national evidence which tells us that good attendance means good attainment and achievement in school.

“The fact is, school is so much more than a formal education. It’s about building friendships, life skills and confidence as well.

“This campaign marks a new way of working to ensure improved attainment and outcomes for more children in Wirral.

“Fundamentally, the campaign is about support. It’s about reaching out to parents and families who may struggling with attendance issues and looking for helpful solutions.”

The campaign is based on facts and statistics to encourage attendance. Education and community partners are also encouraged to embrace the campaign by sharing messages and supporting parents where they can.

In encouraging good attendance, the campaign seeks to ensure that young people are protected and can be nurtured well throughout their education. Children who don’t attend school regularly, or who have regular absences, can become vulnerable or ‘at risk’. This campaign seeks to support young people who may be facing issues, looking at welfare in relation to attending school.

Cllr Usher continued: “It is well recognised that we have a challenge here in Wirral to improve our attendance levels across the borough.

“The campaign marks the beginning of a positive journey to ensure that all Wirral children and families are afforded the educational opportunities they want and deserve.

“It will also allow the opportunity for all of our partners to work together to improve attendance.

“Attending school regularly brings many opportunities to build life skills such as making friends, exciting learning and physical play.

“#EveryDayCounts is dedicated to ensuring children get the education they deserve, removing barriers to good attendance for individuals and supporting families to achieve the best for young people in Wirral.”

Working with partner agencies, including schools, social care, police and health services to back and promote the campaign across Wirral, the campaign was officially unveiled on Friday 8th November at the Wirral Attendance Launch and conference.

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